Tips for Parents to improve reasonning skills in chidlren at Adamas International School
25 August

How to Improve Reasoning Skills in Children?

INTRODUCTION Reasoning skills help students to comprehend, evaluate and make logical arguments. When students possess good reasoning skills, they look at the world through different angles. Reasoning skills also enhance their creativity and help in solving problems with different approaches. …

Confidence and self-esteem among young children and toddlers
24 August

How to Build Self-Esteem in Kids

INTRODUCTION Self-esteem is an overall feeling of self-worth. Students with healthy self-esteem are confident, proud of what they do, have a positive attitude, and have belief and faith in themselves. Students with healthy self-esteem can easily cope with their mistakes …

international karate championship
04 August

Grand Day at 6th International Karate Championship

July 2022 ended with a grand celebration for Adamas International School. The 6th International Karate Championship was held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. The students of junior school, middle school and higher classes participated in it with students from various …

Adamas International School Best ICSE in Kolkata
14 June

How to Help Your Child Have a Good School Year?

A student in a school year goes through a lot of things such as class tests, half-yearly exams, final exams, various competitions, learning new skills, and many more things. Sometimes they excel, and sometimes they fail. Both success and failures …