How to Improve Reasoning Skills in Children?

Tips for Parents to improve reasonning skills in chidlren at Adamas International School


Reasoning skills help students to comprehend, evaluate and make logical arguments. When students possess good reasoning skills, they look at the world through different angles. Reasoning skills also enhance their creativity and help in solving problems with different approaches. Reasoning is mainly of two types:

Formal reasoning: It is used to evaluate the form of argument and the logical relationship between conclusion and assertions.

Informal reasoning: In this students determine what information is relevant to a question, what could be a possible conclusion. In most of the cases they identify the answer by looking whether the information is ambiguous or clear.


  • Improve observational skills: To enhance reasoning skills, it is important for you to first start optimising your observational skills. Observation helps you to understand the actual context and possible inferences. You will learn to analyse different patterns and structures more precisely.


  • Understanding terminologies: To improve logical reasoning, it is important to understand various terminologies associated with it. You should not only have an understanding of terms but also know how to use them. There are many terms such as premises, assumption, conclusion, argument, observation, inference, statements and many more. Good understanding of terms makes it quite easy to solve various problems.


  • Practice: For better improvement in logical reasoning it is important to practice as much as possible. There is no substitute for practice in logical reasoning. There are many logical reasoning tests that you can find online. They are available in different formats and structures and can help you to sharpen their skills


  • Time management:Time management is another very important factor in solving reasoning questions. In reasoning proper time management is crucial. Solving questions in the given time will come with more practice.


  • Meta skills set: Logical reasoning, critical analyses, problem solving abilities are part of meta skills. It helps in raising IQs and enhances analytical abilities. These skills can help you solve many daily life issues. Be it any profession, meta skills are required everywhere.



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