Useful Insights on Facilitating Learning Among Children

How can parents facilitate learning among children

If you want your child to love learning, do not limit his or her learning to the classroom. By actively  participating in your child’s learning, you can introduce them to a world of ideas. This can be done through various ways — from creating the right learning environment at home to helping them make a schedule. Be it primary schooling or secondary schooling, parents’ active participation can make a world of a difference.

As the best secondary schools in Belghoria, here we share useful insights for parents on facilitating their child’s learning:

  • Create a conducive reading environment: Reading is a good way to develop a richer vocabulary. It helps the children to process different concepts easily. Parents can provide a separate study area for their children as it will help them study in a quieter and calmer environment.  Reading aloud also helps the students in developing reading skills. Parents can help by devoting some 15 to 20 minutes to reading together. Starting with some interesting book or the one which the child likes is a good option to keep the interest intact. Reading should be a fun activity, so it is advisable to let the children choose the book of their interest.

  • Help them make a schedule: Scheduling their day ahead is one of the best ways to organise their tasks and complete them within the deadline. Parents can help their children in creating a schedule and tell them to arrange their day according to the priority level of different tasks. Writing down their schedule provides clarity to students.

  • Make them learn by using various learning techniques: Every child is different, and they prefer different types of learning styles. Parents need to try different methods with their children so they can discover the one that suits them. They can use audio-visual methods and various games to make the learning process interesting.

  • Focus more on their strengths: Many times parents focus more on the weakness of their children rather than on their strengths. Definitely, weak academic areas need attention but polishing the strength helps in boosting the child’s confidence. It goes both with the academics and co-curricular activities.

  • Make them understand- it is the process that is important and not the final performance: Parents should make their children understand that result is not the only important thing, but it is the process of learning that is more important. Parents should tell their children that learning is way broader than their final grades. The focus should always be on making the basics strong and not just on rote learning.

  • Recognise and celebrate every success: Celebrating even the smallest success of the child boosts their confidence and motivates them to give their best in the upcoming exams and competitions. Recognising the child’s victory and praising them helps them take on more challenges and explore different fields. Children should feel proud of themselves.

  • Let them choose what interests them: Academics with a balance of co-curricular activities help in the overall development of the children. Parents should allow their children to explore different fields such as swimming, archery, athletics, art and craft, music, and dance. It will help them to choose the right option that interests them. It has been found that there is a positive correlation between academics and co-curricular activities.


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