How to Improve Reading Skills in Children

Improving reading skills in children


Reading is an important part of a student’s life. Reading improves their comprehension ability and analytical ability. It promotes their imaginative power  and also stimulates their memory cells and helps in recalling information whenever needed. If you are a student looking for ways to improve your reading skills, you are on the right page.



As one of the leading ICSE Schools in Belgharia, we share some useful insights on improving your reading skills:

  • Identify your purpose of reading: When you have clarity in mind about your purpose of reading it helps you focus accordingly. Especially for students their focus depends on whether they are reading for their academics or reading for leisure.


  • Be selective with what you read: Priorities of every student should be clear. They should devote enough time for their academic readings because they have limited time in which they can manage their academics and co curricular activities.


  • Knowing the background information: When students know the background information about any topic, it helps them understand the topic better – which also improves their reading skills. One of the ways to gain deeper insights into a topic is writing down important points.


  • Select books carefully: To improve reading skills, students should start with books that are easy to read and understand.


  • Make a preference order: A preference order provides clarity to students about different topics they have to complete within the time limit. Clarity helps them to save time which they can devote to other activities.


  • Be focused: Focus played an important role in students’ lives. Especially when they are reading. Focused reading helps students in better understanding and retaining the topic for a longer time period.


  • Do not leave in between: It is very important for students to not leave anything in between because it will disturb their flow and it takes time to restart and put your energy in the desired direction. Whenever they will start again they have to start from the beginning to better understand the topic. It will lead to wastage of their productive time that they could have invested in some other recreational activities.


  • Choose a pleasurable reading environment: A calm and peaceful surrounding plays a very important role in students’ lives. A supportive surrounding is crucial for perfect mental and physical growth. Especially for reading when you need to be focused, a pleasurable environment helps in keeping them connected with the topic and prevents them from getting bored



Adamas International School always encourages reading as an essential habit among children. The school houses a huge library with books across genres for students to read and gain insights.
In the last month Adamas International School organised book fair at the school premises. To know more about it visit our facebook page.