Best Primary School Near Me? Finding the Right School for Your Child

How parents can find best English Medium schools

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”-Albert Einstein

This quote rightly focuses on how education trains the student’s mind to think in different ways. Education is about the holistic growth of students, and the school plays an important role in that. A school helps in building the basic foundation of the knowledge and life skills of students. So, choosing the right English medium primary school for children is an important decision that parents make for their children.


If you are looking for the best primary schools in Belghoria, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers that you will find helpful:

Question 1: Which are the best English medium primary schools near me?

Answer: If you are searching the internet with phrases such as “English medium primary schools near me,” consider Adamas International School. It is among the best primary schools in Belghoria. We are an ICSE- ISC-IGCSE affiliated school. We have well-qualified teachers, and to provide equal attention to every student, we maintain a 1:30 teacher-student ratio. We have our own buses for transportation. Our curriculum is made in a way that students can focus on academics and co-curricular activities for better holistic development.


Question 2: What qualities to look for in a primary school?

Answer: Some of the qualities to look for in a primary school:

  • Teachers: Primary school teachers need to be extra supportive and caring. Teachers need to be understanding and always ready to cater to even the smallest doubt of children.
  • Teaching methodology: According to a study, activity-based teaching methodology gives positive outcomes in the academics of students. It helps in enhancing their cognitive skills. Especially for primary classes where students need more attention, activity-based teaching helps in better understanding of topics. Teachers can also use various games to make the study a fun activity.
  • Transportation facilities: Many primary schools have their own buses for transportation. Schools with transportation facilities could be a better choice as it prevents the students from getting late.
  • Extracurricular activities: Extracurricular activities help in developing the personality of students. The good primary school offers various extracurricular activities such as art and craft, swimming, dance, music, swimming, and sports facilities


Question 3: What kind of curricular activities are available in primary schools?

Answer: Some of the co-curricular activities include:

  • Dance
  • Art and Craft
  • Music training (vocal and instrumental training)
  • Swimming
  • Various sports competition
  • Debate competition



Once you have shortlisted the best English Medium Schools for your child, the preparation for the admission process begins. This is where the game can start to become tough. So here are some bonus suggestions from Adamas International School:

What is the admission process for primary school?

Answer: For admission at Adamas International School, students applying to Class-I and above will have a written test and an interview process. All other candidates will have an interview process. To apply, you need to register and create a profile. For further queries, call us at 8335008844 or 84799 13763.


How to prepare your child for admission for primary school? 

Answer: You can follow the following ways to prepare their children for admission to primary school:

  • Work on the basics: Rather than going too much into difficult topics, it is better that you should work on the basics. Basics need to be strong as they will help in a better understanding of the advanced syllabus.
  • Make them comfortable: Before their admission test or interview, it is important to bring down their anxiety and boost their confidence. You can also take your child to an ice cream parlour or do some fun activity to help them feel at ease.
  • Dress them properly: You should make sure that your child is well-dressed, and shoes are polished on the day of admission interview. Dressing well can help in leaving the first impression on the interviewer.
  • Teach them social etiquette: Basic social etiquette such as greeting the interviewer and only sitting when allowed tells about the children’s manners.



As the admission procedure for Session 2023-24 has already started this is the best time to start looking for best English Medium ICSE Schools.