10 Time Management Tips For Students

10 Management Tips for Students


Managing time effectively helps students in balancing their academic life, hobbies and personal life. When students manage their time effectively, they are able to get more tasks done in a day. Poor time management leads to procrastination which eventually leads to last-minute panic. When students have a proper schedule, they are able to dedicate time for studies and leisure.



  As a leading ICSE school in Kolkata, here we share some of the time management tips for students:

  1. Prioritise Task
    Prioritising tasks in advance according to their urgency level makes it easy for the students. This gives clarity in their mind about the efforts they need to put in. This saves a lot of time which they can utilise in different important tasks.
  2. Break the Big Task
    This method can be used in many problems. Always divide the task into smaller sub-tasks and then start completing them one by one. This boosts confidence and helps in finishing it on time.
  3. Checklist
    It is a list of all the tasks that need to be completed. The checklist gives an overall idea about the tasks already completed and the left ones. This helps in dedicating the time limit to each task so that the entire work is finished within the time limit.
  4. Create Rewards
    Students should reward themselves after completion of each sub task to build confidence. This also lightens the mood and brings productivity in the upcoming tasks.
  5. Set a Schedule
    Having a schedule in place helps to do what task and by what time it should be completed. Schedule can be for a single day or for the entire week. This helps students to develop a farsighted approach.
  6. Set Realistic Goals
    Setting unrealistic goals sometimes stresses the student when they are not fulfilled. Be clear with your capabilities and assign the work accordingly. This will save the students from self-imposed burdens.
  7. Start Early
    Starting early gives you an edge over others. Whether it is waking up early or starting any work before anyone else gives extra time which can be utilised in other activities.
  8. Eliminate Distractions
    Removing distractions from a student’s life helps them to focus more on their academics and other activities. In this digital era, students are spending a good amount of time in front of digital screens. This not only distracts them from their goals but also bad for their health. Students can use apps that help monitor and limit time spent in front of screens.
  9. One Task at a Time
    Always do one task at a time. This helps in putting the entire focus and energy on one task. This helps in saving time and completing the task before the deadline.
  10. Take a Break in Between the Tasks
    Taking small breaks helps avoid burnout and helps students return to their work rejuvenated. Students can listen to music, take a nap or chat with a friend.



We, at Adamas International School, a leading ICSE school in Kolkata, encourage our students to manage their time well by offering them a good mix of academics and co-curricular activities.  The time-table at our school is designed in such a way that students find time to pursue their hobbies and learn things outside the classroom.