The security of the school campus is managed by a team of dedicated and professionally managed security services company.


ADAMAS makes utmost endeavor to maintain International levels of Safety, Health and Environment. A number of precautionary measures have been undertaken for the well-being of students. Periodic mock drills on fire, emergency and evacuation techniques are held to apprise and drill the students as to how one should handle emergencies. Assembly points are designed where the students will assemble, led by the class teachers in case of emergency.


A fully equipped medical center is located at the ADAMAS Campus, headed by a medical practitioner and trained nurses. Latest equipment, adequate stock of medicines are kept to cater to the medical needs of students throughout the functioning of the school.

The school has ties with specialist medical centers and nursing homes and ambulance services, in case specialized medical attention is required. The teacher or assistants accompany the students to the medical center. Doctors prescribe medicine only after proper investigation. A health Card (medical record) is kept for all the students to monitor their health status in a comprehensive manner