7 Self-Motivation Tips for Young Children

Motivation tips for children and toddlers by ICSE IGSCE ISC School in Belghoria Kolkats

“You will achieve far more personal satisfaction trying to impress than you will trying to impress someone else”
– Kory Livingstone, Musician


For students, staying motivated can be difficult sometimes. Today’s students have a lot to deal with — from academic pressure to peer pressure, from physical changes to emotional changes. Self-motivation can help them keep going even in the face of setbacks.  But how do students keep themselves motivated? As one of the leading ICSE schools in Kolkata, we share tips on self-motivation:



  • Set short-term goals: It is essential to set goals in advance as they give you something to work towards. Students can prepare daily or weekly goals.Achieving small goals at a time boosts the confidence of students. Smaller achievements pave the path for bigger successes. Also, students should set a target date as this will help them track their progress.


  • Make a to-do list for every single day: To stay motivated, it is important that students are organised. A great way to remain organised is to make a to-do list every day. Writing tasks on a paper or an online organiser makes tasks look manageable. Crossing off a task when it is done gives students a sense of progress and achievement which further boosts their self confidence.


  • Do not procrastinate: Procrastination is a major hurdle that students face. . Be it starting their homework, completing a project or preparing for a test, often students get waylaid by distractions. To avoid procrastination, eliminate distractions, be it TV, social media, phone or noise at home. Students should find a quiet place where they can concentrate.


  • Take every problem as a challenge: Students need to develop a positive attitude towards challenges. Rather than taking them as an obstacle in their journey of success, they should always consider it to be a chance to improve their mistakes and implement the learned lessons in the next attempts.


  • Start early: Students can start their day early and assign productive hours of the day to difficult subjects. Starting early provides an edge over others. According to a study, early hours are the most productive hours which students can take advantage of.


  • Acknowledge achievements: Everyone feels good when they are rewarded for their work. Students should reward themselves for reaching small milestones and completing big goals. It could boost their interest and enjoyment when they are working towards a goal.


  • Read motivational books or listen to inspiring podcasts: To keep themselves motivated, students can read motivational books, listen to inspiring podcasts and watch motivational videos.


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Through various classroom activities, student community programmes and engagement our teachers ensure that the students gain a sense of achievement and develop a habit of determination. Both of these are essential components of self-motivation which in turn help our students to achieve nothing but the excellence
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