Green Campus

Adamas International School is spread over an area of 5 acres of a very green, neat and eco friendly environment. The students have taken several initiatives to create and spread awareness within and beyond school premises.

Our ECO – FRIENDLY Initiatives

  • The entire campus is lit with CFL tubes and bulbs.
  • We being a school with DAY- BOARDING facilities have a full running kitchen which provides for almost 2000 day boarders daily. The kitchen is well-ventilated with proper chimneys. The dining hall is air-conditioned.
  • The school has also been involved in an INTERNATIONAL project with the BRITISH COUNCIL on CARBON DIOXIDE CAMPAIGN called BREATHE AGAIN.
  • The school celebrates an annual PLANTATION DAY following which every year there is a GREEN awareness campaign called GO GREEN held in school.
  • The school has also won the BEST GREEN SCHOOL AWARD at BOSCO UTSAV, the annual fest of DON BOSCO, LILUAH for our initiatives in 2013.
  • The students also participated in a campaign called Green City. They had to design innovative ways to make their own school campus a more eco friendly Environment in the school. Our school has lush green campus.
  • We have a dedicated team of student representatives who work hand in hand with the staff to ensure that the campus is kept absolutely free of harmful components. They actively run campaigns in the school to generate awareness.
  • The entire staff recycles used paper for their work.
  • Hot beverages are served in earthen cups in the school canteen instead of plastic cups.
  • The entire campus follows a compulsory earth hour where all electrical connections are turned off for an hour to conserve energy and spread awareness to use energy resources judiciously.