Students Of Class VII made charts and models

Stuti Majumder of Class VII C (DB) made a chart on the novel CORONAVIRUS. 

Be ready to “Fight” against it. We will win. 
Be “Safe” from Coronavirus infection. 
Be “Smart” and inform yourself about it.
Be “Kind” and support one another.

Aastha Giri of Class VII B(DS) made a chart on Classification of Animals to learn more about their lives and lifecycles and how each species is intertwined with one another. 


Sinjini Ganguly of Class VII A (DS) made a model of a crocodile. Crocodile, is a reptile, which has a dry and rough skin. It has a 4-chambered heart.


Piyasha Dutta of Class VII D (DB) made a model of a bird, the only animal whose body is covered with feathers. They are warm-blooded animals, with a streamlined body.

Rishab Banerjee of Class VII C (DS) made a model of a shark, which has cartilaginous skeleton, powerful jaws, dynamic fins and highly developed senses.

Bisrut Pyne of Class VII C (DB) made a chart on the life cycle of a butterfly. 

The 4 stages of a Butterfly are: the egg, the larva (caterpillar), the pupa and the adult butterfly. Each of the 4 stages are very unique. This makes watching and raising butterflies so much fun.

Dhanshiri Paul of Class VII C (DB) made a model of an elephant, a member of class Mammalia. They are the world’s largest animals that breathe through lungs. Their tusks are their teeth. They give birth to babies.