Message From Director Desk: Mrs. Mallika Ray


Distinguished patrons, friends, citizens and well-wishers; Nothing really makes me happier than spending hours with children. They are the best gifts that God has given us and it gives me great pleasure to announce that at the ADAMAS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, it is our endeavor to deal with the thoughts and dreams of a child. It is not just a school, a place of learning, rather it is a place of interaction, where every child is made to dream of a better tomorrow, in a conducive environment.

It is said that, “Morning shows the day”. A proper childhood, a healthy adolescence and a bright adulthood are the main objectives of education at ADAMAS. Education is no longer monotonous, rather it is an interesting chapter in one’s life. As it is known to us, the power of education enlightens us to become better human beings, and a proper schooling is the stepping stone towards that direction.

There lies embedded in every child a “creative self”. We at ADAMAS tend to nurture and build up young minds, in accordance with one’s knack and aptitude. The most talkative boy can turn out to be the most intelligent lawyer with great powers of oratory. ADAMAS INTERNATIONAL aims at nurturing the underlying qualities in a child, bringing to surface the genius in him.