International School Awards (ISA) 2019

The International School Award is a British Council accreditation scheme rewarding those schools with a notable global element in their curriculum. Our ISA journey began in the year 2011 and experienced the excitement of winning the prestigious award twice over – 2013 and 2016. We have incorporated the different activities of the ISA project in our curriculum from the onset of the academic session 2019-20. Seven project activities have been approved by the British Council and are being implemented in the school. We are collaborating with five partner schools in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Nepal.


PROJECT 1 – “Festive Vibes, Colourful Lives”in Partnership with Nepal

As part of the schools ISA project “Festival Day” was organized on 18th June 2019 where students of classes 1 and 2 showcased how the festival of Ramadan is celebrated. Parents were invited to be part of the celebration.
The Learning Objective – Such celebration will bring students closer to traditional and cultural belief. A close bond is built between the students as they understand each other’s different customs. Students gained knowledge about the cultural diversification in terms of special food, clothes related to Ramadan. Apart from building relationship and friendship, such celebration will bring happiness and love amongst the students.

PROJECT 2 – “Childhood Games – Then and Now”in School Project

The students of class 3 made charts and collages on the lost games Kerby, Sleeping Lions and Hu Tu Tu from Africa, UK and India respectively.

The Learning Objective – Children learnt about the origin, benefits and causes for extinction of the games. This activity helped in their problem-solving, collaborative and communicative skills development along with their coordination, vision and speed skills. This will enable the children develop leadership qualities, team spirit and sense of responsibility. Students have learnt to appreciate different games that were once played in UK, Africa and India.

PROJECT 3 – “Tall Tales with Trails” in Collaboration with Nigeria

Students of classes 5 and 6 were shown a short movie based on the folktale in the school A.V. room. Students staged a drama based on their favourite folklore characters. A successful Skype session was conducted with our partner school in Nigeria where students shared their projects. Students of class 6 have solved comprehension worksheet based on the life of one of the folklore heroes.
The Learning Objective – The activity has created a sense of belonging and concept of global family. It has helped students of classes 5 and 6 to develop a positive attitude to cultural differences and appreciate diversity.

PROJECT 4 – “Navigatio” in Collaboration with Nepal

Students of class 7 visited some of the historical places of Rajasthan, India. The students have made travel brochures and travelogues on various historic monuments of the world. A Power Point Presentation has been prepared by the students to demonstrate the architectural grandeur and excellent craftsmanship of the various monuments along with diverse flora and fauna of Egypt, Canada, Nepal and India. A successful Skype session was conducted with our partner school in Nepal where students exchanged their project activities.
The Learning Objective – These project activities have strengthened the collaborative and communicative skills in the students and have promoted creativity, research and analytical skills along with their ICT skills.

PROJECT 5 – “Laissez-faire” in Collaboration with Afghanistan

The project activity aims at a detailed study of the trading ideologies of the Middle East and India. Students of class 8 have created a Power Point Presentation comparing the present International trading procedures that exist in the Middle East and India.
The Learning Objective – These project activities have developed excellent communication and inter-personal skills, created alertness and enhanced decision making skills in the learners.

PROJECT 6 – “Shoot Us With Cameras Not Guns” in Collaboration with Afghanistan

Students of classes IX have participated in a Mime show competition to express the pain of different endangered species and project the reasons of their extinction with slogans and posters. A poster making competition was organized for students of class X to explore the methods for conservation of the natural habitat of endangered animals across the globe to prevent them from getting extinct. A successful Skype session was conducted with our partner school in Afghanistan where students exchanged their project activities.

The Learning Objective – This project has helped students of classes IX & X to learn about the endangered and extinct animals in UK, Africa, Australia, Afghanistan & India. It has helped them to appreciate the biodiversity of these countries and create awareness about their habitat, interdependence and threats caused to their existence by environmental and human factors.

PROJECT 7 – “Up with Hope, Down with Dope” in Collaboration with Nepal

Students of class XII visited a rehabilitation center – ‘Antaragram” to observe and conduct interview sessions with the inmates. A banner and poster making competition along with a rally was organized where students demonstrated against drug abuse to sensitize the youth. On International Yoga Day – 21st June 2019 a Meditation program was conducted in school auditorium to create awareness about physical and mental well-being of students.

The Learning Objective – The students gained knowledge about various drugs and their ill-effects on human health and society. They have learnt to identify the common adolescent problems globally and ways to overcome them. This has promoted inter-personal and social skills to build resistance, problem-solving and critical thinking skills along with development of collaborative and communicative skills.