Adamas International School | Outstanding ICSE 2022 Achievements

icse examination 2022 toppers

Adamas International School Fares Outstandingly in ICSE 2022

Adamas International School (AIS) has cemented its place as one of the preeminent educational institutions in the city with its ICSE results this year. With Srutorshi Basuray having secured the highest marks with 99.0%, followed by Anjishnu Chaterjee with 98.8% and Anwesha Behera with 98.6%, over 100 students of the school scored above 90% and 80% of the students have scored between 80 – 100 in the examination.

Prof Samit Ray, Chairman, Adamas International School, noted, “Our students for the last four years have consistently been scoring upto 99% in ICSE results which are among the top few students in the country, primarily because we have maintained full-scale high quality online and offline education in our school, aided by technology and quality mentors”.

Congratulations to the toppers!