Grand Day at 6th International Karate Championship

international karate championship

July 2022 ended with a grand celebration for Adamas International School.

The 6th International Karate Championship was held at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata. The students of junior school, middle school and higher classes participated in it with students from various schools of Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, South Africa, East Timur, Afghanistan, Bhutan and India. Over 2000 students from these countries took part in the championship.

The event was a 2-day affair and marked nail biting excitement as students compete against each other. Adamites wiped out their opponents and won a count of 48 medals at the event!

Adamas International School won 16 Gold, 6 Silver and 26 Bronze medals at the Championship.

Here is the details list of all our winners:

  Gold Winners

  1. Swarnavo Saha, III C (D.B) – Kata Category
  2. Shaarav Kumar, IV A (D.B) – Kata Category
  3. Shinjan Das, IV C (D.B) – Kata Category
  4. Aniket Kumaar Bhattacharjee, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  5. Aishik Basu Ballav, IX A (D.B) – Kata Category
  6. Rudrajeet Basak, IX E (D.B) – Kata & Kumite Category
  7. Suranjan Das, XI C Commerce – Kumite Category
  8. Rupkatha Dutt, XII Humanities – Kata & Kumite Category
  9. Yash Prasad Shaw, VIII D (D.B) – Kumite Category
  10. Anushka Sarkar, VII A (DS) – Kata & Kumite Category
  11. Priyasha Mullick, VIII A (DS) – Kata Category
  12. Debotam Das, VIII B (DS) – Kata & Kumite Category


Silver Winners

  1. Sharoni Satpati, V B (DB) – Kata Category
  2. Ujaan Roy, XI Science – Kata & Kumite Category
  3. Yash Prasad Shaw, VIII D (D.B) – Kata Category
  4. Debanjana Bhattacharya, IV A (D.B) – Kata Category
  5. Abhirup Maity, X C (DB) – Kumite Category


Bronze Winners

  1. Taksh Goel, I A (D.B) – Kata Category
  2. Debopratim Bhattacharya, III A (D.B) – Kata Category
  3. Janisha Goel, III A (D.B) – Kata Category
  4. Mayuri Raj, III A (D.B) – Kata Category
  5. Riddhima Shaw, IV B (D.B) – Kata Category
  6. Shinjan Das, IV C (D.B) – Kumite Category
  7. Debjeet Das, IV D (D.B) – Kata Category
  8. Anmol Sarkar, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  9. Samriddha Dey, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  10. Abhinav Shaw, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  11. Shagun Thakur, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  12. Adrij Bhattacharya, V B (D.B) – Kata Category
  13. Paarth Jhawer, VII A (D.B) – Kata Category
  14. Vedika Agarwal, VII B (D.B) – Kata Category
  15. Adhyan Balasia, VII B (D.B)  -Kata Category
  16. Priyasha Mullick, VII B (D.B) – Kata Category
  17. Nairity Chakraborty, VIII A (D.B) – Kata Category
  18. Jiah Sethi, IX B (D.B) – Kata Category
  19. Souharda Roy, IX C (D.B) – Kata Category
  20. Priyanshu Choudhury, IX C (D.B) – Kata Category
  21. Srishti chakraborty, IX D (D.B) – Kata Category
  22. Arya Banerjee, IX E (D.B) – Kata Category
  23. Garv Agarwal, IX E (D.B) – Kata Category
  24. Ryan Chakraborty, IX E (D.B) – Kata Category
  25. Raima Ghosh, VIII D (DS) – Kata Category
  26. Rudranil Mukherjee, IX B (DS) – Kata Category