Eid 2022 Celebrations – A Class Activity Full of Fun and Frolic

Classroom Acitivy students

Last Week, just before the school gates closed for the long summer break, the young Adamites celebrated Eid in their own fun way.

Classroom Activity students
Classroom Activity: Eid Celebration


The children had their colours flowing through the pages of their drawing notebooks and made drawings to match the festive mood. The young Adamites wished happiness on the occasion of Eid – the festival of peace and humanity.




Here are some glimpses of the classroom activity:

Classroom Activity students
Little Adamite is wishing everyone with her drawing

This young Adamite has filled her drawing notebook to wish everyone happiness.
This special classroom activity was organised by the teachers to teach the children the values of harmony. The young Adamites had fun to their heart’s content.





Classroom activity drawing students
Festive, Fun and Frolic in Classroom

These happy faces in the classroom multiplied the happiness of the festivity manifold.
Not only the students were excited to participate in the classroom activity but each of them happily shared their artwork to spread that extra happiness on the occasion of Eid.





Classroom Activity students
Students Celebrating Eid 2022

The best of colours for the best of wishes.
The students were a bit sad as summer breaks would mean that they will be away from their classroom for a while. But that does not mean the last day before the vacation be a gloomy one. The colourful drawings and the happy faces lit up the school premises before the vacation started.



Classroom Acitivy students
Classroom Fun

Bright Faces, brighter colours.
A fun classroom activity that was initiated by the faculty to teach the children about the unity in diversity that exists in our country in a special way. The students not enjoyed the activity but also took home some new learnings.