Balanced Diet Chart for Students

August 29, 2023 Vada and Sambar Biryani and Aloo Dum Biscuit
August 28, 2023 Veg Noodles Rice, Potato and Bitter Gourd Fry, Daal, Paneer and Chana Curry, Fruit Juice Banana and Biscuit
August 22, 2023 Bread, Butter and Horlicks Rice, Veg Daal, Soya Chunk Curry and Payesh Flattened Rice
August 18, 2023 Veg Roll Rice, Tarka Daal, Mixed Veg, Cuatard Banana and Cake
August 17, 2023 Vada and Sambar Rice, Dal, Veg Paneer Kofta, Potato and Peas Fry Bhujiya and Cake
August 16, 2023 Bread, Butter and Banana Biryani, Chana and Fruit Juice Dry Fruits and Wafers
August 14, 2023 Chowmin Rice, Navratna Daal, Soya Chunk Curry and Payesh Banana, Biscuit and Nuts
August 9, 2023 Uttapam with tomato ketchup Khichuri, Potato fry, Mixed Vegetables, Tangy Orange Juice Banana, Dry Fruit Packet
August 3, 2023 Idli and Sambhar Biriyani, Dum Aloo and Lassi Banana and Cake
August 2, 2023 Hakka Noodles Veg Polao, Paneer Kofta, Sweets Banana, Dry Fruit Packet / Biscuit
July 31, 2023 Bada Paw, Chutney Veg Rice, Veg Manchurian, Juice Cake, Banana / Snacks
July 28, 2023 Chapati, Ghugni Polao, Paneer Pasinda, Juice Banana, Swiss Roll