Experiment Of Class VIII E

Samadrita Misra of Class VIII A (DS) is seen making a 3-D model of crystalline structure of diamond. The model shows that each Carbon atom in diamond is tetrahedrally connected to four other Carbon atoms.

Projata Mukherjee of Class VIII E (DB) is seen making lampblack, an amorphous form of Carbon.  

Projata Mukherjee of Class VIII E (DB) is engrossed in making the crystalline structure of Graphite. In this model, the carbon atoms form hexagonal rings with each Carbon atom attached to three other Carbon atoms. It forms layered structure.

Niharika Bhantia of Class VIII E (DB) is shown making an amorphous form of carbon

Trishanu Agarwal of Class VIII E (DB) is seen making a crystalline structure of diamond