Introduction to Academics

Welcome to Adamas International School, where education transcends boundaries and excellence is our hallmark. As an institution affiliated to ICSE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination), we offer a unique educational experience that also includes an interschool curriculum, the IGCSE from class VI, and the CBSE curriculum up to class I*. Educating students from nursery to class 12, our commitment is to nurture young minds and prepare them for a future filled with growth and possibilities.

We understand the importance of parental involvement in a student’s educational life, so we focus on organizing regular gatherings with our educators and parents to discuss our students’ progress and any concerned areas. Together, we try to enhance talents, incorporate values, and train our students with the skills they need to face the challenges of today’s ever-evolving world.

Day Boarding Facility

We made history by being the first day-boarding school in North Kolkata, providing a setting where students can develop socially and personally in addition to their academic skills.

Laboratory Facilities:

With its cutting-edge laboratory facilities, Adamas International School offers an immersive, practical learning environment. With labs that support multiple scientific disciplines and provide a dynamic environment for research and inquiry, we have:

1) Electronics Lab

2) Science Laboratories

3) Geography Lab

4) Robotics Lab

5) Computer Lab

School Counsellors:

Adamas International School (AIS) has two experimental & committed counsellors standing ready to provide personalized, confidential guidance.

The Wellness Center:

With a 12-bed facility, our well-trained nurse and dedicated visiting doctor are available 24/7 for all students and staff. Our school ambulance ensures quick access to specialist consultations when needed. Your health is our commitment.

Swimming Pool:

Adamas International School offers a state-of-the-art swimming pool – a hub for co-curricular growth. Our facility is well equipped with a trained coach, who hosts thrilling swimming competitions, fostering a culture of aquatic achievements among students.

Yoga, Martial Arts & Sports:

At Adamas International School(AIS), our co-curricular activities include yoga, football, basketball, table tennis, martial arts, etc., which will help our students improve both physically and mentally. Expert coaches guide students through transformative practices, promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and character development.

Music and Dance

Explore a diverse spectrum of music and dance experiences at Adamas International School, where our co-curricular activities include Eastern & Western music with instruments like guitar, sitar, sarod, table, piano, drum kit, synthesizer, and more alongside Western and Eastern dance forms.

Drama, Elocution, Debate & Poetry

AIS gives students a platform to experience self-expression through co-curricular activities. Dance to the rhythm of your heart, express emotions on stage through drama, refine oratory skills in elocution, and let your words paint vivid pictures in poetry.

Art & Craft

From painting to pottery, we teach our students to explore various mediums, honing their artistic talents while having fun. By doing so, we try to nurture the next generation of creative minds.


For transportation, students can take advantage of our in-house bus service for safe and timely pick-up and drop-off. The transportation fee varies according to distance. The school bus service is mandatory for day boarding and optional for day-school students.

Teacher: Student Ratio

At AIS, we maintain a healthy teacher-student ratio of 1:30. This ensures individual attention, resulting in meaningful interactions and promoting academic excellence.