6 Ways to Build Self Esteem in Children- Useful Tips by Experts from Leading ICSE School in Kolkata

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Self-esteem is an overall feeling of self-worth. Students with healthy self-esteem are confident, proud of what they do, have a positive attitude, and have belief and faith in themselves. Students with healthy self-esteem can easily cope with their mistakes and also have the attitude of “not giving up.” It has been found that students with healthy self-esteem perform better academically.

So here are the 6 ways to build self esteem in children- tips from experts from leading ICSE School in Kolkata


Help Your Child to Do Things. Don’t Do Things on Their Behalf

During the initial stages of any task, you can help your child in a subtle way but do not do the entire thing by yourself. Letting them do tasks on their own will develop a feeling of accomplishment. All this helps in building self-esteem in your child


Encourage Children to Try Different Things

Trying various activities not just helps your kid find their passion but also helps in building confidence which further develops the feeling of self-esteem. As a parent, you should always encourage your kid to take part in the activities of their choice. Do not force your child but let them make their own decisions.


Praise Them For Their Success

Praising your child on their small victories will help them build self-esteem. This will boost their self-confidence, which will help them put extra effort into every task they perform. Praise can be oral, or you can also reward them with their favourite food item or can take them for an outing.


Avoid Harsh Criticism

Harsh criticism can be demotivating for a child. This will affect their self-esteem negatively. It will prevent them from trying new things as they are afraid to lose. Avoid using demotivating words and phrases.


Stop Comparison

Comparing your child with other students develops a feeling of self-doubt. Self-doubt will further hamper their performance in academics and co-curricular activities as the kid will always have the feeling of not being good enough for their parents. As a parent, it is your responsibility to be with your child unconditionally and motivate them.


Focus on Their Strength

As a parent, it is important for you to tell your child that more focus should be given to their strengths. Whether it is academics or co-curricular activities. For instance, if your child is good at swimming, encourage them to excel in that field. Doing the things a child loves or is good at boosts self-esteem.


Only best practices ensure self-awareness and in turn self-esteem in children. Confident, independent, self-esteemed and self-reliant children emerge as bright students and achieve nothing but the best. In addition to best practices a child should be provided with an holistic learning environment. As the leading ICSE school in Kolkata, Adamas International School offers students a holistic learning environment. With well-qualified and veteran teachers we maintain a 1: 30 teacher-student ratio to provide equal attention to every student. We encourage students to not just perform well in academics but also in cultural and co-curricular activities, which help in building self-esteem in them.